What we do

The range of activity of our firm includes economic consulting for Polish and foreign companies:

robimy- organization and strategic management,
- strategic planning,
- restructuring companies,
- economic and financial analyses,
- projects management,
- marketing studies and market research,
- changes (processes) management,
- computer consulting,
- design of controlling systems and putting them into practice in a firm,
- design of budgeting systems and putting them into practice in a firm,
- creating a documents circulation system and putting it into practice,
- design of store economy controlling systems,
- consulting regarding improvement of management process in a company,
- professional eliminating of pathology in a company management system,
- carrying out repair processes and repair systems in companies.

For foreign firms we offer:

- creating, conducting sales agency or division in Poland,
- preparing a professional analysis of the local market,
- evaluation and analysis of competitors,
- joining trade partners,
- making it possible to transfer production to Poland,
- finding production plants in Poland for cooperation,
- caring out professional enrollment of employees,
- investment consulting,
- purchase of materials and raw materials for production in Poland, Russia and
- making it possible for a firm to come into existence on eastern markets,
- organization of advertising campaigns, speeches during fairs and business meetings,
- others, dependent on individual needs of partners.


Trainings for companies in the fields of:

- Sales techniques, active sales, organization of sales department in a company;
- Trade negotiations;
  Specificity of trade negotiations in other geographical systems in the world;
- Marketing techniques and their appropriate use in the process of sales realization 
  in companies;
- The basics of controlling for companies;
- Budgeting as a tool of strategic planning in companies;
- Trainings for wood and furniture branch in the world;
- Others at our customers’ request, dedicated for a specific company.

Translation of texts from German into Polish and from Polish into German:

Translation of:
- business correspondence,
- professional expressions from the wood and furniture branch,
- simultaneous translations,
- business meetings service,
- conducting German courses, also language courses preparing for basic communication for Poles working
  abroad, private language courses and foreign language consultations.

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